What We Do

Our top six areas of expertise include the following:

Management Consulting

Getting to the heart of the matter is the key to successful consultation. The Wardlaw Group is exceptional at digging through the clutter and finding the key issues that are the source of most communication problems. Through expert interviewing techniques, high level analysis, and a dedication to problem solving, Wardlaw Group associates are able to understand what is happening and provide effective solutions to clear communications road blocks. We are a team that truly works in partnership with our clients to find real solutions to the complex and persistent problems that hinder organizational performance.

For example, our team members have performed successfully in the following management consulting projects:

  • Worked with one of the major centers within the Food and Drug Administration to conduct a complete assessment of internal communications and provided multi-tiered recommendations to address the full range of issues.
  • Conducted a complete, third-party evaluation of spokesperson training for the DoD Military Vaccine Agency and developed dynamic recommendations to adapt the training program to 21st Century military operations.
  • Performed a targeted analysis of stakeholder concerns regarding cleanup operations at a Formerly Used Defense Site, analyzed stakeholder input, and developed a comprehensive plan for stakeholder/community involvement at the cleanup site.

The Wardlaw Group team's flexible and experienced approach to management consulting ensures that clients are not left with outdated, cookie-cutter solutions to modern and complex communications challenges.

Communication Training

The Wardlaw Group offers a variety of tailored training workshops designed to enhance both interpersonal and organizational communication skills. These workshops greatly assist our clients by improving the confidence and capability of individual staff members, facilitating successful team building, and providing the technical tools to strengthen organizational core competencies. Our training programs are client-focused, fast-paced, and interactive. The Wardlaw Group training approach includes a synergistic mix of tools and techniques including the use of didactic slide presentations, facilitated discussion, video clips, individual and group practical exercises, comprehensive skills guides, training labs, and interactive evaluations. Course titles and descriptions include:

  • Risk Communication
  • Crisis Management/Communication
  • Improving Individual Communications Skills
  • Team Building and Organizational Dynamics
  • Communicating Technical Information to Nontechnical Audiences
  • Media Communication
  • Message Development and Delivery

Organizational Communication

The foundation for organizational performance rests upon the ability to communicate effectively "both internally and external to the organization." Additionally, an organization's communications program is a direct reflection of leadership, values, structure, culture, and, to a lesser extent, policies and procedures of the organization as a whole. The Wardlaw Group team is passionate about helping others navigate the inherent challenges of organizational communication. We conduct thorough communications assessments; perform state-of-the-industry research on organizational goals, mission, culture, procedures, and other facets of the organization; and keep abreast of best practices in order to perform "on-target" analysis of the issues and develop optimal approaches for overcoming these issues. Every member of our team emulates the tenets of effective organizational communication:

  • Transparency matters;
  • Over-communicate—you really cannot communicate too much;
  • Leaders set the tone for how the organization communicates;
  • Negative cultures for communication can be reversed; and
  • Effective organizational communication is mostly the result of communication skills being instilled as a value throughout the organization

Technical Communication

Technical communication requires diligence and attention to detail. The Wardlaw Group has developed hundreds of technical documents ranging from simple "how to" procedures to extensive plans used to implement and maintain international, regulatory, and corporate standards. Our team works with all levels of personnel-from the production line employee to design engineer to the top manager, and others, to develop documents that are understood and followed by all.

Most recently, the Wardlaw Group has been involved in documenting environmental and quality management systems, process controls, and public involvement. Using clear and concise writing techniques Wardlaw Group team members have written documents that describe, in detail, everything from equipment operation to general compliance procedures.

Because the Wardlaw Group understands how to develop, implement, and maintain the management systems used in today's world, we have been successful in helping organizations implement and maintain international, regulatory, and corporate standards, which helps an organization thrive and compete.

Visual Information Design & Display

Through our partnership with Designwell and other trusted partners, the Wardlaw Group provides total creative solutions for a range of requirements including professional layout and graphic design for hard copy products, web design and development, concept development, and a host of communication products.

Professional Facilitation and Event Management

Conducting productive, face-to-face events that lead to improved organizational performance is often a challenging experience. Common detractors from productive events include: lack of a shared vision or mission for the event, inadequate planning, interpersonal conflict among attendees, poor organizational communication, or trying to accomplish more than is humanly possible in the time allotted. No matter what the event, nearly every organization will benefit from skilled event planning and professional facilitation. Wardlaw Group associates are highly skilled at facilitating meetings and conferences that effectively use participants' time. From moderating panels, to managing conflicts to expert assistance with problem solving, Wardlaw Group associates can assist clients in any type of interpersonal and/or organizational communication needs.

Our services include:

  • Detailed event planning
  • Agenda development and goal setting for productive meetings
  • Preparation of meeting materials including assistance with preparing slide presentations
  • Logistical arrangements (meeting space, equipment reservation, other accommodations)
  • Professional facilitation
  • Preparing, distributing, collecting, analyzing, and summarizing evaluation forms
  • Preparing event summaries

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